These are the talented men and women who collaborate on biglab's exciting new endeavors.

Picture of The Team at Biglab

The Team at Biglab

This is the group of undergraduate, graduate, and professional researchers who contribute to the research community. They are all working at biglab, her sister labs, or in a professional capacity as researchers on campus at the University of Saskatchewan.


Picture of Dr. Ian Stavness

Dr. Ian Stavness Assistant Professor

Ian is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. His research involves biomedical computation, biomechanics, and computer graphics.

Phd Students

Picture of Najeeb Khan

Najeeb Khan PhD Student

Najeeb is a second year PhD student at biglab, currently working on neural networks for biomechanical modeling. His research interests include machine learning, neuromechanics and speech synthesis.

Picture of Erik Widing

Erik Widing Phd Student

Erik is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. His research includes Model Reduction-techniques and Fluid-structure interaction.

Masters Students

Picture of  Dylan Fafard

Dylan Fafard MSc Student

Dylan Fafard is a first year master's student in the department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. He is currently working on implementations of 3D geometric perspective-corrected displays, but his research deals broadly with computer graphics, image processing, and applied mathematics.

Picture of Javier Garcia Gonzales

Javier Garcia Gonzales Msc Student

Javier is a master's student in the Computer Science department at the University of Saskatchewan under Dr. Ian Stavness' supervision. His area of research ranges from image processing applied to detection of canola flowers on timelapse videos to realistic 3D modeling and rendering of plants taking advantage of their movement under external forces.

Picture of Andrew Wagemakers

Andrew Wagemakers MSc Student

Andrew is a Graduate Student of Computer Science working under the supervision of Dr. Ian Stavness. His research involves computer graphics with a focus on 3D graphics and Volumetric Displays. Andrew has worked on the Spheree and Cubee.

Undergraduate Students

Picture of Chris Chamberlain

Chris Chamberlain Undergraduate

Christopher Chamberlain is an undergraduate student working at biglab. His current work is prototyping web technologies as front end interfaces for other projects, including The Parametric Plant Project.

Picture of Travis Gray

Travis Gray Undergraduate

Travis is going into his fourth year of Computer Science Honours. He has been working in the DISCUS Lab as a research assistant. Creating a composite image from separate drone images, and segmenting research plots from a composite image has been the main focus his 2016 summer research.

Picture of  Keenan Johnstone

Keenan Johnstone

Keenan holds a degree in Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. He has worked in the DISCUS lab under Dr. Stavness and Dr. Stanley. At DISCUS, he works primarily on image analysis of plants and registration of drone images.

Picture of Rowan MacLachlan

Rowan MacLachlan Undergraduate

Rowan is a 3rd year Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Saskatchewan. He has worked as a research assistant to Ian Stavness at biglab. His interests in research include biomechanics and simulations.

Picture of Francois Roewer-Despres

Francois Roewer-Despres Undergraduate

Francois is a 4th year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Saskatchewan. He works extensively on the ArtiSynth platform and develops ArtiSynth's BatchSim framework. He is currently using BatchSim's probabilistic (Monte Carlo) simulation method to study tongue biomechanics in the context of articulatory speech synthesis.

Picture of Kyle Seidenthal

Kyle Seidenthal Undergraduate

Kyle is pursuing a computer science degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He currently works in the DISCUS lab with DAPPER, where he is designing and implementing a system to remotely collect sensor data from agricultural fields.

Research Associates

Picture of Mohammad Shabani

Mohammad Shabani Research Assistant

Mohammad is a research assistant at the University of Saskatchewan. He finished his master's degree in May 2016 and has since been working as an OpenSim developer at biglab.


Dr. Clark Dickerson Collaborator

Clark Dickerson's overriding goal as a researcher is to produce new information to improve both working and general quality of life, with a particular focus on shoulder health and performance.

Dr. Sidney Fels Collaborator

University of British Columbia

Benedikt Sagl Collaborator

Benedikt Sagl is a PhD student at the Medical University of Vienna. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan and is interested in biomechanical simulation as well as visual computing.