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ArtiSynth 2015 demo reel

ArtiSynth is a 3D biomechanical simulation platform, developed at UBC, directed toward modeling orofacial (OPAL) anatomy.

ArtiSynth has been used to develop a variety of biomechanical models, including upper airway and oral structures such as the jaw, hyoid, tongue, soft palate and pharyngeal wall; a muscle activated FEM model of the face; a combined multibody/FEM model of the foot; point-to-point muscle models of the arm and torso; and detailed FEM models of individual models including fiber fields and tendon sheets. It is the simulation platform for the OPAL and Parametric Human projects, and has also been used to create airway models for use in articulatory speech synthesis.

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Picture of Dr. Ian Stavness

Dr. Ian Stavness
Assistant Professor


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Erik Widing
Phd Student

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Rowan MacLachlan


Dr. Sidney Fels

Benedikt Sagl


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