A Novel Method

The Integrated Model

A demonstration of an integrated model to demonstrate the capabilities of the new skinning method.

Unified Skinning

A small model which integrates a multibody FEM/rigidbody simulation with intermediate-fidelity skinning and bilateral force propogation

Within this new, unified framework for skinning in simulations, there is additional functionality.  The simulated skin mesh integrates easily with multiple FEM ( finite element model ) and rigid body components, as well providing a physical relation: forces are propogated between the skin mesh and underlying components, which adds to the fidelity of the model.


A multi-component biomechanical model of the orofacial system and upper airway, where the oral cavity is modeled with the new skinning technique.
The application of this new technique has resulted in the further development of a number of biomechanical models, including a model to help simulate swallowing, and one for simulated speech synthesis



Picture of Dr. Ian Stavness

Dr. Ian Stavness
Assistant Professor



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