We are developing new types of 3D displays that enclose a virtual scene within a geometric shape, such as a cube or sphere. This new class of display technology is well suited for applications in telepresence, 3D visualization, computer-aided design and entertainment. We have shown demonstrations of our 3D displays at SIGGRAPH E-Tech and ACM CHI Interactivity, and SPECTRUM 2016 at the University of Saskatchewan.


pCubee is an personal cubic display that is light and compact enough to be held in one hand. It uses perspective-corrected rendering and real-time physics simulation to show 3D virtual scenes in a box.

Take a closer look at the pCubee and Cubee project HERE.


Spheree uses the same 3D techniques, but in the shape of a spherical display.
See the Spheree project HERE.

3D Displays Projects



Picture of Dr. Ian Stavness

Dr. Ian Stavness
Assistant Professor


Picture of Andrew Wagemakers

Andrew Wagemakers
MSc Student

Picture of Dylan Fafard

Dylan Fafard
MSc Student


Dr. Sidney Fels


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