Current Development

The New Cubee

The Cubee demo at Spectrum 2016 - University of Saskatchewan.

The development of the successor to the pCubee, the Cubee, is ongoing.

Perspective-Corrected Rendering

An image taken while the cubee was having its calibration tested

One of the features of this small cube display is its perspective-corrected rendering of virtual scenes.  This means that while you walk around the room, the image displayed to you on the cube changes along with your perspective.  If you wanted to better visualize the 3d space and shape of a coke can, video game character, or the human brain, you actually walk around it in real life!

Interacting with the Cubee

An image displayed on the Cubee. On the left are the glasses you wear so the Cubee knows where you are looking from

The Cubee rests in the middle of biglab's motion capture system.  By wearing a pair of glasses with attached reflective motion targets ( pictured right, ) the Cubee can adjust its display to match your perspective from anywhere in the room.  This is because of the complex graphics algorithms developed and implemented for perspective-corrected rendering.

Past Development


This is the Cubee predecessor, the pCubee. 'p' stands for personal!

The pCubee has been demoed at both SIGGRAPH E-Tech and ACM CHI Interactivity.  At ACM, the pCubee presentation was awarded 'best demo'.  The success of the prototype has resulted in the publication of numerous papers on the subject of 3D display techniques, applications, and interaction.



Picture of Dr. Ian Stavness

Dr. Ian Stavness
Assistant Professor


Picture of Andrew Wagemakers

Andrew Wagemakers
MSc Student

Picture of Dylan Fafard

Dylan Fafard
MSc Student


Dr. Sidney Fels


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